Chanel Ombre Première Eyeshadows Review Swatches

New Chanel Ombre Première Eyeshadows & A Very Long Week

The one where I review the new Chanel Ombre Première Eyeshadows and babble about setting a Guinness World Record…

PHEW, what a loooong week.

Last Sunday I left to go to Germany for work and I think I set a Guinness World Record for using the most means of transportation to cover 600 km. I got in the car, on a train, on a taxi, on a plane, and on a taxi for two hours (my company’s EU headquarters are at a pretty remote location).

Then I stayed there until Wednesday afternoon when I had to redo the whole shebang in reverse order. Got home after 8 pm and went to the office at 8 am on Thursday. Needless to say that Friday evening I had a pretty epic TGIF moment!

While I was in Germany I was really looking forward to coming back home, not only because May in the Black Forest looked and felt like late November in Bologna, but also, more importantly, because I knew I had a few shadows from the new Chanel Ombre Première collection waiting for me at home.

The Ombre Première Eyeshadows feature a golden Chanel logo instead of the usual white

The collection includes a whole lot of new cream and powder eyeshadows, and I have two shades from each formula. Let’s have a look!