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April 2017: Current Crushes & It’s My 31st Birthday!

31 years ago, 4 days after the Chernobyl disaster, while radios were playing Prince’s Kiss 24/7 and Baby and Johnny were most likely getting ready to have the time of their lives, mini-me decided to come into this world.

Well, actually, I didn’t really decide, as my mom had to have an emergency c-section one month before the due date.

And, weighing 3.6 kilos (7 lb. 15 oz.), I wasn’t exactly mini.

But yeah, everything went great, and after a couple exchange transfusions I was as good as new! 😉

I don’t really like saying too many cliché things, so I usually refrain from commenting on how incredibly fast time goes by, but on my birthday I feel like I’m entitled to that, right?


Oh man, it feels like yesterday I was writing my “April 2016: Current Crushes and It’s My 30th Birthday” post!

I think the reason time seems to go by faster when you’re an adult is that you value time more and have a true understanding of what time really is – that is, the most precious thing you have in life.

The second most precious thing I have in life are my beauty products (LOL!), so let’s have a look at my April favorites, shall we?