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2 Summer Fragrances & the Story of How I Stopped Wearing Perfume and Got Back into It (AKA Blame It on the Men!)

May 25, 2016
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Summer Fragrances

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue are perfect perfumes for the summer

I think the only beauty category I’ve never been majorly obsessed with is fragrance. I did enjoy the occasional spritz here and there throughout my teens and early twenties, but since my mid-twenties I’ve been on a sort of fragrance hiatus.

It all started out when I met Mr. Page (it’s always the man’s fault, you know), who was (and still is) a CK One wearer.

The thing is that I used to be a CK One wearer too, but I stopped using it when I met him because I liked smelling it on him, and if I wore it too, I just couldn’t.

So there I went fragrance-less for a few months that eventually turned into a few years, because the longer I stayed without using any perfumes, the more it bothered me whenever I tried a new sample. Like, it would really make me nauseous and give me a headache, especially in the morning, for some reason. Until… Continue Reading

Makeup Rotation May 2016

Show a Little Lovin’… May 2016

Sorry for the poor quality photo, but I had to take it with my phone. I left my camera battery and charger at my father-in-law’s, 2/3 hours away… §*#/£%^&$@!!! I’ll insert links to past posts where you can find better pictures and swatches. If…

May 19, 2016
Sisley Phito Cernes Eye Concealer 2 Review Swatches

Sisley Phyto Cernes Éclat Eye Concealer & My Makeup Philosophy

The Sisley Phyto Cernes Éclat Eye Concealer comes with a perfectly usable brush My biggest ‘concern’ when doing my makeup is definitely concealing my under-eye area. I’m one of those gifted individuals who were lucky enough to have been born with a nice pair…

May 4, 2016
Smith and Cult Bitter Buddhist Doe My Dear Nail Polish Review Swatches
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Smith and Cult Nailed Lacquer: A Love Affair

How beautiful are the Smith and Cult nail polish bottles?!? Nail Polish and I have a rollercoaster type of love. At times, we have bi-weekly romantic dates and hang around each other all the freaking time, but then, all of a sudden, the magic…

April 26, 2016
April Makeup Rotation

Show a Little Lovin’… April 2016

If you’re not familiar with the Show a Little Lovin’ series, here you may read what it is and why I came up with it. Basically, at the beginning of each month, I go through my makeup stash to select a bunch of products…

April 16, 2016