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Cleansing With Dirt – AKA 3 Mud Cleansers I Love

From what I can remember, as a kid I was never into playing with dirt.

I’ve never liked getting my hands dirty (you should see even now how many times I wash my hands while I’m cooking or how I eat chicken/ribs/shrimps with knife and fork!), so no mud pies for little Carol.

The only type of dirt I would tolerate was (and still is) sand, as I’ve always been massively in love with the beach and everything relating to it.

But growing up I definitely got to appreciate the cosmetic version of mud in the form of clay masks and, more recently, clay cleansers.

These cleansers are an oily-skinned girl’s best friend, as they remove excess oil leaving the skin perfectly clean but not stripped.

I’ve tried three mud cleansers so far and have loved them all. Here’s the lowdown!