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Spartan Races, Trade Shows, and Freaking Fabulous Face Masks

I’ve never taken part in a Spartan Race or other endurance race of any kind, but I have worked at Cosmoprof multiple times and have a feeling that the two experiences are very, very similar.

For those of you who don’t know, Cosmoprof is the most important trade show for the beauty industry in Europe and usually takes place over four days in March.

It always starts on a Friday and ends on a Monday, which means, first of all, that that week you get no weekend break whatsoever. As if that weren’t enough, for some very perversely sadistic reason, the crowds visiting the show get progressively bigger each day (Friday is the slowest day and Monday is the craziest), so that on Monday, after you’ve been working for seven days straight, have been standing 12 hours a day and slept an average of five hours a night over the past three days, you still have to face the toughest challenges.

During this four-day race show, many obstacles are thrown at you along the path. You have to deal with extremely stressed out coworkers, attend social gatherings at night after being on your feet for 12 hours, when all you want to do is just collapse into bed face down without even taking your clothes off…

Speaking of clothes coming off your body (no, you can’t imagine where this is going)… This year, on Monday, when I was almost at the end of this torturous experience, I bent down on my knees to pick up a box and my pants completely ripped.

I’m serious, they literally disintegrated.

I mean, they didn’t just split open in the butt area or got a tiny knee rip – they pulverized.

Yep. I was practically naked from my waist down.

And in any other situation, I would have been excused from work, right? Put on my fortuitously long coat and gone home.

But no!

This was Spartan Race Cosmoprof!

And Spartan Race Cosmoprof ain’t for quitters.

I kid you not, I had to fix my pants with two or three meters of tape, tie my cardigan around my waist like an apron to cover the unfixable parts, and keep working.

Ahhhh, only good times at work.


A great way for me to relax when things are a bit hectic at work is to carve out some well-deserved me-time and put on a face mask. Over the past few months I’ve been using two that are so good I have to share them with you.